Windsor® Radiant w/Orb Technology Floor Machine - 17"

Windsor® Radiant w/Orb Technology Floor Machine - 17"

Item # E029-211A

  • Provides even pad wear resulting in better, faster performance. Integrated solution system allows for improved control and less waste.
  • Pad speed: 1725 rpm; Solution tank capacity: 4.75 Gal.
  • Motor: 1 HP; Wheel diameter: 10"; Power cord: 50'
  • Operating noise level: 56 dBA
17", ea
Alternate #10052970

Low-vibration design allows for hours of fatigue-free usage. Chemical-free floor finish removal. Use less chemicals, water, energy and labor. Clean carpet with low-moisture encapsulation. Make tile and grout shine with the nylon scrub brush. Polish stone with our complete restoration kit. Remove finish from wood, VCT and vinyl floors. Clean indoor and outdoor concrete.


  • Does not necessitate a safety switch like square-type machines.
  • Deck can be raised to change pads without tipping machine on its back.
  • Large 10" wheels make transportation easy.
  • No isolators to wear out or replace.
  • Easier to maneuver than square machines.
  • Greater productivity with the Radiant.
  • Every point on the pad oscillates at 1725 rpm while the entire pad spins at 80 rpm.
  • True dual-motion orbital mechanics.
  • Provides the highest level of mechanical action on the market.
  • Square-type machines only vibrate, resulting in less effective agitation.