Karcher® BR 35/12 C Bp Pack UL Scrubber Drier - 21 AH

Karcher® BR 35/12 C Bp Pack UL Scrubber Drier - 21 AH

Item # BR35/12

  • Equipped with innovative KART technology, the battery-powered scrubber dries impresses with superb agility, low weight and a high cleaning performance.
  • Current type: 50-60 HZ; Working width of brushes: 350mm
  • Working width, vacuuming: 450mm; Rated input power: 500W
  • Battery: 25.2V, 21 Ah; Max area performance: 1400 m2/h
  • Practical area performance: 1050 m2/h; Fresh/dirty water tank: 12 L/12 L
  • Brush contact pressure: (g/cm2/kg)80 - 150/6 - 12; Brush speed: 700/1050 rpm
  • 930mm L x 420mm W x 1100mm H; Sound pressure level: 65 dB(A)
21 AH, ea
Alternate #17834700

Cleans both forwards and in reverse, also manages stairs thanks to its low weight and is very easy to transport. Our battery-powered scrubber drier is the ideal and efficient cleaning solution for small and heavily furnished areas.


  • Its rotatable roller brush head with JART technology allows work on tight bends, thus ensuring maximum maneuverability and agility.
  • The powerful, long-lasting lithium-ion battery makes possible long applications, can also be recharged quickly, is completely maintenance-free and lasts up to 3 times longer than typical lead batteries.
  • The excellent equipment is complemented by the connectible eco!efficiency mode, which lowers the energy consumption considerably at the touch of a button, extends the runtime of the battery and also reduces the operating noise by around 40%, thus permitti
  • This compact device makes driving away from the wall possible at a 90° angle. No protrusions from the device; easy handling.
  • 35% lighter than comparable devices.
  • Can easily be carried over steps, thresholds or stairs.
  • Simplified transport in vehicles.
  • Handlebar can be folded down for compact storage.
  • Ergonomically height-adjustable handlebar adjusts for different operator sizes.
  • Includes high-performance on-board charger that can be fully recharged in three hours or semi-charged in one hour. Interim charges are possible at any time.
  • Charger automatically switches itself off. No energy consumption in standby operation.
  • Roller technology; high contact pressure for removing stubborn dirt. Very good even on rough floor coverings or for cleaning crevices. Uniform cleaning result.
  • Includes sweeping function that efficiently sweeps, scrubs and vacuums in a single procedure.
  • Vacuums small stones, splinter of wood and other small parts.
  • For optimal operation of the suction bar.